Tuesday, October 20, 2015

8 Year Old Arab Child Bride died on Wedding Night due to Internal Injuries

All over the world, minimum age limits have been set which act as the legal age limit to get married, or have relations (in more liberal western countries). These age limits have been set after taking into account the age of maturity of both girls and boys. If we talk about the girls, in some Muslim countries, the age limit is often ignored. This age limit is of vital importance as it not only allows children to mature mentally but to also mature physically, to hit puberty and have more knowledge about themselves and their bodies.

This is extremely vital as someone who is not truly aware of their own bodies and about their own self can never truly understand how a husband and wife take care of each other’s needs and wants. A sad and heart wrenching story of another instance where society decided to ignore the minimum age for marriage has surfaced. The story is that an 8 year old girl from Kuwait who had been married off in Yemen has unfortunately died due to internal injuries which she suffered on her wedding night. Now before I continue any further, I urge people to think as humans, without any religion or any other factor in mind. An 8 year old girl, who obviously has not even reached puberty yet, let alone completely mature mentally and physically, is obviously not able to fulfill the sexual needs or desires of her husband.

Going on, the young bride who is named as Rawan, is reported to have died after bleeding profusely after she had her genitals torn by her husband, of arranged marriage, on the night of their wedding. The activists in both Yemen and Kuwait have laid great stress on the issue and have called upon the authorities to take strict actions against the groom who knowingly married and then tried to have sex with the little child.

 The activists have also urged the authorities to take strict action against the family of the little girl who willingly got her married off at such a young age, knowing well she was not fully mature to commence this part of her life. The groom of the young girl who was 8 years of age, is reportedly at least five times the age of the young girl. This means that a 40 + year old man who is well beyond reaching puberty and maturing completely, knowingly married an 8 year old girl.

The entire issue went viral on social media where it was berated by verbal abuse which was directed towards the groom. There were also many prayers for the little girl. Kuwaiti bloggers and social media users have condemned the act of child marriage and have called the groom “ a beastly groom “, “animal” and someone who should be punished harshly. A daily Yemeni media source has reported that authorities will also be using this case in their desperate attempt to put a complete stop to these child marriages in the country.

Source: The Guardian

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